I don’t know what Ella Lou’s story really is…all I know is that she became a rescue!  I was recently sent this photo from one of my friends in San Antonio.  She and her husband have made it their mission to help dogs in need.  They find and try to place rescues in foster homes and forever homes as their passion for making a difference.  This Havanese mix puppy went viral on Facebook!  How could anyone not love this sweet thing or maybe it was a case of an owner passing away, or any of the other reasons that animals become homeless. We might never know the true story…..

Ella Lou originalShe stole my heart!

I could not resist painting a portrait this sweet girl.  Not only because she is a cutie but because this dog would be a wonderful study in painting fur and wirey hair!  She certainly has been blessed with a body full of fly-away strands that would make painting her a challenge.  What a wonderful way to hone my skills on painting the different textures and colors that black and white dogs present.  Here I had both in one dog!

Ella Lou painting session_1

To show depth in fur you have to unfold the layers and begin the dog as if they are naked.  Starting with a dark valued undercoat, you then begin layering the coat bringing the dark to the light.  Each stroke of hair getting lighter with each layer.  The process is tedious to say the least.  Just when you think you are finished, you are not!!  I went through many layers, each hard to detect one from the other, to get to the final look I was trying to achieve.

Ella Lou finishedThere is a fine line between being done and being finished!  Actually, you can just keep going….but you run into the situation of over doing it and then your furry friend looks muddy and the freshness is gone.  It happens, but for me, this was a good experience and practice.

Ella Lou was Adopted!!

I very please to announce that once the picture of this darling dog went viral on the internet and Facebook, she was adopted! I wish I could paint them all…

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