Yes Artists! It is that time to do that housekeeping and get organized for the New Year.  I, for one, know just how messy being an artist can be…believe me!  Paint supplies everywhere! Fortunately, we are given another chance, a new year to get ourshelves organized for the coming year and all of the art we are going to produce.

studio organization_7

My art studio on a good day!

I share an art studio with my husband in a small bedroom that we converted into our craft/art studio.  It can certainly get crowded at times…hmmmm!  It is, therefore, critical that I stay organized and that I know where things are when I need them.  I know you would love to see my mess…. but I am too embarrassed!

However, I will show you some organizational tips and things I have done in my art studio to make it a bit more organized…and to show you that a small space can work.

Studio organization_1

Wall organization unit with different size plastic bins

Recently, Orlando, Florida acquired The Container Store .  It is not close to where I live in Sanford but is certainly worth a trip to this unbelievable store since it was in driving distance. You can find them online here.

I was not only looking for a way to organize but to use my space efficiently.  There are many many options and I needed help with organizing my paints because I don’t have much floor space.  This wall unit is great because you can buy different size bins to meet your needs and they slip on and off easily so you can just take the entire bin to where you are working. It comes with labels that are interchangable. Love this! Well worth the investment.

Studio organization_3

A sink in or near your studio is a MUST!

Okay, I realize not everyone has a sink installed in their make shift art studio area.  This is a bedroom that I converted and the one thing I told myself if I was going to do any renovation, would be to add a sink!  We had to replumb our aging house a year or so ago…so why we were knocking out walls, I made the decision to put a sink in the art studio.

Oh my Gosh!!  It is the BEST…even my husband who was not a fan, certainly is one now!  I put in a deep industrial porcelain sink because of all the paint and mess.  Having a deep sink was a good idea to keep paint from splashing all over the place.  I found an old chest and my handyman made it sink ready. Something to consider when renovating a room.

studio organization_4

A second computer monitor next to my easel.

When I first started painting, I would take a picture and then print it out and attach it to my easel to work from.  This got rather expensive using colored ink and the colors were not really true to the picture or. in my case, portrait.  Computer monitors have come way down in price so I took the opportunity to invest in another monitor and hung it on the wall next to my easel.  Now I have a true picture of what I am painting and I can see it well as I work.  This has really been a time saver and again another great investment.

studio organization_5

Rolling carts and hanging organizers a must.

Ikea is another great store to purchase items for organizing small spaces.  We have a store but again it is not close-by but well worth visiting if you have a store within driving distance.  The store is huge and takes a week to walk through….but, oh but how much fun!  I found this 3-tier rolling cart for supplies and they have wall racks with lots of different choices of hooks and containers to hang for organizing.  You can also order online here.

studio organization_7

Adjustable leg tables are handy too. Also, narrow shelves that hold your working canvases.

Ikea also sells these narrow shelves with a lip that take up little space but a great way to display what you are working on and storage of the same. Aso, great tables with adjustable legs so you can move them around your room easily.

studio organization_6

Calendars for events and reminders — Very Important!

Most of us have a calendar or planner for our art events and reminders.  I found a white board with erasable markers worked best for me as a space saver.

These are just a few of the ways that I have found that work and help me to stay organized.  As a past Librarian, organization was my way of life.  I have found that the more organized I am the more productive I am.

Most of you probably have your own way of staying organized and probably have some wonderful ideas that you could share…please feel free to give me a Squawk back and let me know how you stay organized or if I have given you some good ideas.

Thanks for following my weekly Art Squawk and as always please leave me feedback in the comments section below. Have a wonderful week and check me out on Twitter @faybecca! Paint On!!