Can you believe that the year is more than half over already? My how time flies when you are having so much fun? How are you doing with your art? Do you feel stuck with no ideas? I know I sometimes feel this way and then I say, “perhaps I just need a fresh infusion of creative energy!”


Filling the Creative Bucket

Inspiration comes in all forms and is really every where you look!”

But what do you do when you just can’t find the motivation to pick up the brush or do whatever it is you do to make your art? For me personally, when the inspiration isn’t there, pushing myself to make art feels like trudging through the mud. And it’s often because I’m pressuring myself to make something great, so my perfectionist tendencies are wreaking havoc on me.

This is when I meditate! No, not like some guru but I take myself into my studio and I just start listening to my inner voice. I quiet my mind which helps, to ease the tension, restore balance, and open the floodgates of creativity. Here are my top 5 ways that I have come up with to help me,and hopefully will help you, get your art mojo flowing again.

Time to shake things up! My Top 5 ways to fill the well!

1. Experiment with some other art medium, technique, color or style that you don’t normally use


After looking at at my pet portraits and perusing the internet for ideas, I decided to change up the look with a fresh new look with lots of color, as shown here with a photo of my Daisy! Put more color in your art…change your perspective and think out of the box. You never know what you will come up with.

2. Collaborate with others on a project and discover what inspires them

Painting a pet portrait on an Art Retreat with a fellow artist!

Painting a pet portrait on an Art Retreat with a fellow artist!

Art Retreats are a wonderful way to bond and collaborate with other artists and to make friends. Being an artist can be lonely endeavor as it is so individual. But I have found that making connections with other artists has made a world of difference in my creativity. So find an art buddy and plan a get together and art retreat!

3. Look to your other interests and explore the idea of bringing them into your art

My garden always gives me inspiration!

My garden always gives me inspiration!

My other love and interests lies in my garden! Inspiration abounds there and I keep an album of pictures of things to paint right from my garden.

Traveling is something else I love to do and a great way to find inspiration as I did on my trip here to Costa Rica! Whatever you love to do, you can find inspiration from it….you just have to look! If nothing else, grab a book or a magazine or browse Pinterest online for that spark of inspiration! It is truly everywhere!

4. Play the “what if?” game

Illustrations for my Children's Book!

Illustrations for my Children’s Book!

Watch for my NEW SERIES of Whimsical paintings that will become my first children's book! "Joyride, the Adventures of Daisy and Lily!"

My NEW SERIES of Whimsical paintings that will become my first children’s book! “Joyride, the Adventures of Daisy and Lily!”

Play the “what if?” game where you sit down with your art materials and create something by placing restrictions on yourself, such as “what if I can only use three colors?” or “what if I blow this up five times bigger?” or “what if I could write and illustrate a children’s book?” That is what came to me, after many years as a children’s librarian. It was a natural thing for me to try and do. So I am now illustrating and writing a picture book for children using my two dogs as the characters. This is a great exercise to finding your inner voice.

5. Calm your mind through meditation or yoga

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you!

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you!

Sometimes I just sit and enjoy my surroundings! I close my eyes and sit and think of nothing for about 15 minutes! I just concentrate on my breathing and let myself be. It is amazing how much better you feel and before you know it ideas come flowing and you can’t move fast enough to fulfill your desires! So enjoy!

Rest, relax, and daydream


Most importantly…have fun and relax, rest and daydream! This is the best way I know of to form new ideas which lights that inspiration candle! I would love to hear your thoughts on what inspires you and helps to “fill that creative bucket” by leaving me a comment below! Most importantly, go have an artful day!