Preserving Nature

Recently, I have been taking a pottery class and have found working with clay fun with a whole new approach to being creative.  Working with clay is wonderful, but for the most part impractical because clay needs to be fired in a kiln…glazed…and fired again.  Unless you want to spend $1000s of dollars on equipment, sculpting with clay can definitely have its drawbacks!

Fortunately, there are new materials on the market today that can used to sculpt and make wonderful items for decoration and for practical purposes.  I continued to look at these different materials in hopes of finding something I liked. My love of preserving nature gave me the inspiration when I came across an article where cement was being used for making stepping stones and flower pots for the garden.  This material was cement mortar mix…yes, plain ole’ cement mortar mix that construction workers use everyday.  Unfortunately, this material is not necessarily easy to work with…very messy with a mind of its own…but, never-the-less, I wanted to try it.    Consequently, I set out to use and conquer this material by making impressions of leaves from my garden.  The result was amazing! Check out my SCULPTURES page to see examples of the leaves I have made.  If you are interested in having one of these very uniquie leaves, you can find my shop at www.FayBeccaDesigns/Etsy to purchase and/or have custom leaves made to your specifications.


There are many uses for these pretty leaves. Here is a philodendron leaf used as a candle holder!

Each leaf made is completely original!  No two leaves are the same, completely original, which makes them so interesting to look at and fun to use.  Once the leaf is made and dried, I paint it with acrylic paint where I design the different looks of the leaf.  The leaves are varnished with a non-toxic sealer and can be used indoors or outdoors, with or without food.  They are so lovely, also practical but unusual.  It is a wonderful way to bring something organic from nature into your life, or as a gift, to be enjoyed forever!