“Hey! Let’s get this party started!”

Pit Bull - Vin original photo

Pit Bull – Vin original photo

Today I started painting this awesome Pit Bull Terrier and please, I refer you to my last post “Do Pit Bulls Get a Bad Rap?” where I explain some background on this breed and why it gets mixed reviews on it’s behavior.  I am so excited because this is my first pit bull pet portrait and, therefore, am honored to have the opportunity to paint this sweet dog whose name happens to be Vin.  His owner said that since he himself loves cars and all cars are unique with their own special vin identification number, he named his dog Vin because he is very special. All dogs are unique and that is the reason we can not lump all dogs, as well as people, into one particular group because of a certain preconceived reputation.  So I invite you to meet Vin and watch him come to life on my canvas in his very own “unique way” in the coming weeks.

Pit Bull Terrier painting session 1

Today I spent the first session painting the undercoat and now waiting for drying process to be complete.  To develop depth and to make the porportions and composition correct, the painted undercoat has to be correct and positioned correctly.

The Ugly Stage of painting

I like to refer to this stage of the painting as the “ugly stage” and it always throws me because I never want to leave the painting looking this way.   Unfortunately, with any painting medium you use, it takes time and patience.  Not two qualities that I find appealing in myself.  I like to get things done and want to to see where I am going rather quickly but, unfortunately, not the case with painting portraits.  So here is my completed first session painting of Vin for today.

Pit Bull Terrier - Painting Session 1 - Vin

Pit Bull Terrier – Painting Session 1 – Vin

I look forward to you continuing to watch the unfolding of this pet portrait as Vin comes to life on my canvas.  Enjoy your day and enjoy your week! Happy March 1st!