Painting Session 2

Maddie coming to life…

Maddie Session 1

First painting session with Maddie, laying the undercoat.

Last week, I spent the first session getting Maddie’s pet portrait ready to paint by painting the undercoat with the first layer of paint…a good start!  Today I am bringing her to life on the canvas and hopefully you will be able to see what she is going to eventually look like.  I always start with the first layer of value with dark undertones.  This is what gives the portrait depth and a life-like feel. At the end of day today, this is what I have accomplished…she is looking more alive.

Maddie Session 2A

Working on Maddie today in the studio.

Another close-up!  Today I worked on her coloring in the darker tones by giving her fur the coloring it will be.  Time to let her dry and she will be ready for another painting session soon.  Don’t miss watching this pet portrait evolve and come to life.  See you next time!

Maddie Session 2

Made good progress on painting Maddie’s color values today.