Out of My Comfort Zone!

Have you every noticed, as you get set in your ways, that it is hard to try new things?  I have been a  realist painter for so long that I think that it is my forte.  Recently, I decided to get out of that comfort zone and try something very different….Impressionism!  Yes, this flamingo is going to be one of my first oil impressionistic paintings….so we will see how it turns out!  I actually used a palette knife instead of paint brushes…what fun!  Here is the original photo of a  flamingo that I am using for this study.


Stuttin’ his stuff!

You never know what you will find out about yourself, unless you jump in with all two feet!  I love impressionism and enjoy looking at the beautiful art of the many Masters that we all know and love.  I never thought I could paint like them….always not willingto even try!  Well, I must of found my confidence and my artistic voice somewhere because I am now trying different styles and techniques!  Are you in a rut? Scared to try new things? How will you ever know if you don’t try? I certainly remember my mother saying that to me all my life!  Well. mom, here goes……..

Strutting his stuff!!!