Our Journey: A New Costa Rican Life Unfolds

IMG_6366Are we Crazy!

Many may think we are crazy, picking up and making a new life in a foreign country. Then again, maybe not! This life has so much to offer, and you have only one life, so why not live it!IMG_6367 (2)

Our journey all started many years ago after my first visit to the beautiful little peaceful country known as Costa Rica. A country about the size of one state in the U.S. My oldest son had already made his home here and once I was invited to visit, I knew why he loved it so much. Both my husband and I visited every year starting in 2004 and subsequently fell in love with this happy, peaceful place.

A view of Volcano Arenal from San Carlos, Ciudad Quesada

A view of Volcano Arenal from San Carlos, Ciudad Quesada

Our dream…

As time went by, we dreamed of finding a way to have a place of our own,  to invest in our future and eventually retire here permanently. This was not going to be an easy feat…starting right off the bat we knew there would be many hurdles to jump to make this possible, but we were up for the challenge. Not many would look at the Stock Market crash of 2008 in a positive light, but soon realized that the opportunities from that situation made it possible for us to find the property of our dreams and most importantly, realize we could afford it.  We knew we wanted to be in the mountains and not near the beach. We have lived in flat Florida with beaches and wanted a different experience. The Central Highlands of Costa Rica sits squarely in the middle of the country and the Lake Arenal area was just what we were looking for. It is truly one of the last remaining paradises in the world with it’s cone shaped volcano and over 6000 square miles of untouched rainforest. As luck would have it, we met our now late friend Charlie, who was ready and willing to sell us a very sacred piece (2 acres) of the most beautiful land overlooking the rainforest with a bird’s eye view of the magnificent Volcano Arenal.


A view of the Volcano Arenal from our property

A view of the Volcano Arenal and Rainforest from our property.

Right Place….Right Time!

We literally had to pinch ourselves, as he was in need of the money and the economy was hurting… therefore, we were at the right place at the right time. Charlie made it possible for us to purchase through him and although it took 5 years to pay for it, we finally acquired the land in 2015. Since that time, it has taken 4 years of planning, moving dirt, securing the land and finally building the home of our dreams. IMG_3677


I think I fit in perfectly!

I think I fit in perfectly!

This week marks the beginning of the final stage of construction and I am now here to supervise until completion.

A View from the roof!

A View from the roof!

Not for Everyone!

For some people, it may not require all that it took for us to realize this dream, but we wanted to “pay as you go” so that we would own it free and clear. This was a huge sacrifice which came with a sincere desire and much patience. There were many obstacles and hoops to jump through to make this happen. A commitment such as this is not for the impatient “got to have it yesterday” mentality. We looked at it as an adventure of a lifetime and knew this going into it. This was our retirement dream, knowing it would not be easy and we certainly had our share of unplanned problems along the way. But we persevered and now can see the work of art we have created. It will be an artist retreat Bed and Breakfast for friends and family  to come and experience this heavenly place for themselves.

Our "Mystic VIew" in the Rainforest of Costa Rica. A work in Progress!

Our “Mystic VIew” in the Rainforest of Costa Rica. A work in Progress!

Could it be the final stage?

I hope you will follow me as I continue to blog about our journey and we finish our final stage. This week we pick up our “Big Box” filled with all the treasures and wonderful things for setting us up in our new home. Yes, “Mystic View” will be ready soon for you to visit and to hopefully have a truly wonderful Costa Rican experience. Please stay-tuned!