Fletch, the “Oldie Goldie” is finished…

And here is the final painting!

Golden Retriever / 8x10 oil on wrapped canvas

Golden Retriever / 8×10 oil on wrapped canvas /2016

The Challenge

My focus with this dog, since he was turning grey with age, was to try to give him a fresh look without making him appear sad and tired.  Click here to see the beginning of this portrait.  Unfortunately, when a pet has passed away, the pictures that a client might have are older in nature, and consequently do not possess a have a high resolution quality.

Fletch Original

I believe this is when I am challenged the most.  It truly shows creative ability from the artist when you can turn that, not so good, photo into a beautiful pet portrait that will be the vision of how that pet was remembered.  I do not take this task lightly…as my husband says, “please do not make anyone else cry”!  If they are happy tears, then it was well worth it.  Rest in peace good dog, you will always be remembered!

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