My Thoughts on Life and Art!

It’s easy to be popular:

“I stand fearlessly for small dogs, the American Flag, motherhood and the Bible.  That’s why people love me.” Art Linkletter (found on BrainyQuote)

Everyday, we see politicians and others claiming to be “the Real Americans” or spouting other lies, but actuallly doing nothing to help this country.  They are constantly getting attention that they don’t deserve.

We need more people who have the courage to take a stand and do necessary things that are not always popular.  That is why I salute the people who work tirelessly to prevent things like child and animal abuse.  They do not always get the publicity that they deserve, but they have the satifaction of knowing that they are making a difference.

Most artists, are not popular, but they are making a difference through their artistic voice.  We now see their art in a different light.  Here is a short list of great artists who were not popular for most of their lives: Vincent Van Gogh, Andrew Wyeth, M.C. Escher, Paul Gauguin and Claude Monet.  Being popular may be easy, but it isn’t always important!