Mooo…ching the Spotlight!

Cows make great painting subjects!

Calf – Original Photograph

Who are you as an artist?

What is your favorite subject to paint? How would you describe yourself? Are you a portrait painter, animal painter, landscape/plein air, or abstract painter? Most artist tend to gravitate to what feels right and to what they love. I recently was asked to paint this calf. Now, I usually paint pets such as dogs, cats and birds, so this was a little out of my comfort zone once again. What is it about cows that make people go awwwww?! I was amazed at the response I received from this painting on Facebook. I mean I love all types of animals….truly the Dr. Doolittle of the animal word, but the response I received from this painting was overwhelming.

So, with this in mind, I continue our discussion on painting at our level of comfort that I have been recently writing about on my blog. You can catch up by reading the article “Are you a Comfort Zone painter? The discussion continues in my next article “Best in Show”. Have you taken yourself out of your “comfort zone” recently to paint something you have never painted before? If not, I encourage you to make a point to try something completely different. I am a prime example of someone who has taken the plunge out of my norm and have started painting things I thought I would never paint. The end result just may surprise you and in the process will probably give you a real boost in your self-confidence.

Here is my painting of the calf that really moooo-ved some people. I have to laugh because I am truly enjoying stretching myself now and developing this new ecletic style with a varied palette.

Calf Painting - Titled Moo-na Lisa

Calf Painting – Titled Moo-na Lisa

I would love to hear your thoughts and get a discussion started on this subject. I really want to know what you have done and how did it work out for you. To get a discussion started, go to the bottom of this blog and sign up on the Disqus comment section. Would love to hear your thoughts about this subject of artist comfort zones. Have an artful weekend!