Axel and Rose

These two dogs were so much fun to paint and could not be named more appropriately!  Do you think my clients love Rock-n-Roll?  I have been doing a lot of traveling lately and have not had much time to post on this site.  I did manage to get these two painted and I am so pleased on how they both turned out!


High Resolution Photos are a MUST

Below are the original photos that were selected for these two pet portraits.  As you can see one photo taken (Rose) has relatively good resolution. On the other hand, the other photo of Axel is very poor quality and certainly made for a challenge.


I can’t express this enough!  High resolution photos are a must to get a high quality painting from it.  Fortunately, these two paintings turned out well and the client was very pleased.

If you are considering having a portrait painted of your pet(s)….please, please take the time to take some high resolution pictures. It makes all the difference in the world. In my FAQ section on this site, I go into great detail on how to accomplish this…and it really is easy to do now-a-days! Even our mobile phones take high resolution pictures….so use them to get some wonderful photos of your pets!

Update on Axel and Rose

Axel and Rose were recently framed and delivered to their owner (shown here) with two of her loves.  These will be a birthday present to her boyfriend this weekend.  Thank you for letting me be a part of this celebration by painting your dogs.  She is so excited to give him this surprise!  Nothing makes me happier than to see my clients this happy and excited!  Enjoy!!

Irene with Axel painting
Irene with Rose painting


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