Painting from a Great Photo!

Today, I had the opportunity to work on Maddie!  A sweet Cocker Spaniel who has been waiting patiently to be completed.  You can view the progress that I made painting her from the beginning by clicking here. I have a few tweaks to make to her…but for the most part she is finished.  The best part of doing this pet commission was the photos I received from my client.  Great photos make all the difference in the world.  Most importantly, it makes painting the subject fun and much much easier.  I wish I could say this about most of the photos I receive.  Oh well, I guess it comes with the territory and definitely gives me a challenge.  Please enjoy a few original photos of her that I received and would love to share with you….


Maddie loves this position…I wanted to capture this…what a happy dog!


Such a happy dog…she is now 13!

Maddie - Cocker Spaniel

My Favorite!  I used this picture for her portrait.