How to Start With Art: 6 Top Tips in finding your Creative Side


How many times have your heard someone say: “I’m not Creative”? I know I have said it many times to myself. I’m always taken aback when I hear myself or someone else say this, especially since it has been proven to be wrong. We are all born with creative spirits! When we were young, we would fearlessly experiment with our creative side.

child with crayons

Children create anything and everything using their imagination. As kids, we would push and pull clay into crazy shapes, use brightly colored crayons and sparkly glue to build all kinds of magical worlds. And then when we were “done”, we would simply move on to the next thing. Never stopping to wonder: “Is this good?” We created for the pure pleasure of it. Where did we lose that inner artist voice?


And what do you think would happen to you if you rediscovered that long lost side of yourself? So if you are one of those people who has lost or forgotten about your creative side and want to uncover it again, here are some tips to help you get started.

6 Tips For Finding your Creative Side!

1. Ask yourself –What do you love?

What are you drawn to? Let that interest be what inspires your creativity. For me, it was my father giving me some old windows that he picked up at an antique auction.  He asked me if I could paint something on them? I had noticed some of these pretty windows painted at art fairs and thought “well, maybe”! Those windows sat in my shed for a long time until, one day, I decided to paint something on them. My love of gardening and paintings of flowers, inspired by one of my favorite artist Georgia O’Keefe, gave me the motivation I needed. At first I was apprehensive and didn’t know where to start and felt I needed a crutch.  Therefore, I printed out big flowers to put behind the glass so that I could trace them and copy them onto the glass. Surprisingly, I soon found that I did not need that crutch and started to paint freely. Some of those windows still hang in my garden today, after 10 years! You never know what will inspire you, if you just ask yourself this one question: “What you I love?” 

One of the first flowers I painted on an antique window.

One of the first flowers I painted on an antique window.

2. Start Small

Dabble. Explore. Play. Try to create something simply for the process of creating…with no concern for the outcome. Why would you do this? This starts the process of healing and gives you the freedom to “let go” of the desire for perfection. Make something, anything, and then walk away! Have no fear!

3. Use your Imagination

Close your eyes! Imagine a place, an object, anything that you can think of in your mind. Something simple, such as a flower, a scene, something that gets your attention. Observe your surroundings…play a game with yourself and think of something that you would like to create for fun. Nothing permanent using clay, chalk, paper, pencils, to create your idea. Lose yourself and just create art… then destroy it when it is done. This helps to detach you from the outcome. A fun exercise! We tend to over think things and this is a way of letting go and not thinking much at all.

4. Move and Get Messy

If you have space to move and get messy — tape some paper on the floor and paint with your feet. Dance. You know the old saying “dance like no one is watching”? Put the music on really loud and do that. Two things will happen, you will have fun and get exercise to boot! If you are limited to space, try using your hands, like we did in Kindergarten. Finger paint! Let go and enjoy!

5. Create a collage

Cut out pictures of things you love or enjoy looking at from magazines and create a inspiration collage. Or just make a collage with no intention at all. It could be a collection of images or words to inspire your future, or just an arrangement of colors or shapes that speak to you. If it is one of inspiration, hang it where you can view it and where it brings you inspiration. Vision boards are also wonderful for setting goals in your life…to eventually see how far you have come.

6. Keep a Basket of Art Supplies Handy

Visit your art stores such a Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and stock up on art supplies that intrigue you. Keep a basket of a variety of these materials close by so when the creative urge hits, you are ready! Add to it and change it up often. Keep a tin of “prompts” handy too. This is great for families with kids for when they say they have nothing to do. When you are sitting together you will find that you will grab for the materials and play — if these supplies are within reach.

Most importantly, find that inner artist voice! It is there, it is in everyone…it just has a way of getting lost over time. You can read more on the subject of creativity in my previous post Filling the Creative Bucket.

How do you tap into your creative energy? Let me know in the comments below!

Great Ideas!

Great Ideas!