Hello Barkley!

Painting Barkley Session 2: 

I am making progress with our Sheltie, Barkley.  I spent time concentrating on his undercoat and he is starting to show depth.  This dog has a lot of fur….with many different colors. To get to this point in my study of Barkley, I had to definitely find the dark and mid-tone values (See the sketch in Session 1 here) On the surface it looks as if there are only three different colors to this dog…but you must look closely and you will see lots of varying whites, blacks, greys, blues, yellows, and rust colors.  The reference photo that I am using for his portrait is in black and white and thus is a challenge when determining color.  It is important to bring out as many colors in the fur so that you feel and see the layers of such a thick coat.  This pet portrait will take me longer as I will need to build each layer, let it dry, and build some more…bringing the highlighted fur to the surface. Stay with me and you can watch this happening with each painting session.  Here are the results from my second session with Barkley…

Barkley Session 2

Barkley, a Sheltie, Session 2

Barkley color photo

A Sheltie has many varying colors in their fur.