Good Day Painting today….

Session 4:  Final Painting

Today I finished Icon, the Wheaton Terrier.  What a joy it was to paint him.  He was definitely a challenge.  Curly thick hair is not easy to paint…trying to get the depth and multi-layer effect.  I think I did well but it took many coats of paint.  I know he will be an enjoyment to look at for many years to come.  Here is the finished pet portrait!

Icon finished

Icon finished!! 9×12 oil on canvas board

Session 3: Painting Icon

I had a great day painting today….Icon is coming along.  Visit my blog “Meet Icon” a Wheaten Terrier that is my latest commissioned pet portrait.  I have been photographing my progress of this pet portrait and today I am probably 90% finished.  I need to wait for him to dry completely before I put the last layer of oil on him.  At that point he will really come to life because I will be bringing the light in on him to give him true demension.  Here is a recap of my progress so far….

Icon Wheaten Terrier_3

Picture that was selected for portrait.


First Session - First layer of undercoat paint to show value in the painting.

Session 1 – First layer of undercoat paint to show value in the painting.


Icon Session 2

Session 2 – Continued with underpainting and getting the values correct. Worked on eyes and expression.

Icon Session 4

Session 3: Cleaned up the background and worked on fur and texture of dog’s coat and paws. Getting close but need to work on detail.

Icon is a little harder than most dogs because of the texture of his wiry hair and curls.  This is always a challenge and one that just takes time…..layering upon layering to get the depth of his fur. I need for him to dry, so until we meet again…..Icon is enjoying the attention.

Wheaten pic