I am happy to say that my sweet “oldie goldie” Fletch made it to New York and is now in his forever home. This pet portrait was a gift for a friend’s daughter and son-in-law and they where thrilled to get this pet painting since Fletch is no longer with them.

Golden Retriever / 8x10 oil on wrapped canvas

Golden Retriever / 8×10 oil on wrapped canvas

 Saying goodbye isn’t easy!

It touches me to be able to give my clients a memory not just a pet portrait. People ask me more often than not, “How do you let go of something you put your heart and soul into…to never see it again?” That is a great question. The truth is that I do miss my pet portraits but what I am really happy about is that I have given something to someone that is priceless.

My clients have been so grateful and thankful that I am fortunate and it makes it easier to see them go.  It makes my heart fill with joy…therefore, I am more than okay with sharing my talent and giving them something they will treasure for a long time. Our pets become our family and, unfortunately, do not live as long as we do…so we go into adopting a pet knowing they are only with us for a short time.  It was a pleasure to see these parents of this beloved golden so happy. My heart sings!!

You can see the original photo od this painting in a previous blog by clicking here. I would love your feedback in the comments below on how your art touches you and if you have a hard time letting your art go.  Until next time, Paint On my artist friends!