Below are 5 major reasons that my art came to a screeching halt recently!! Never would I have predicted that it would be due to weather and natural disasters! September and October, 2016 will go down in history as disastrous!


Turrialba Volcano – San Jose, Costa Rica –  September, 2016


It all started in September after we having a wonderful time in Costa Rica planning for our new artist retreat vacation rental home. There is a volcano located near the San Jose International Airport (volcano Turrialba) that has recently become active again. The evening before we were to fly home, boom, it errupts and the airport is closed.  Our flight was cancelled and getting home was delayed 24 hours.



Unfortunately, the ash that was falling is not something you want to breathe. Consequently, my husband and myself got deathly ill after returning home. I contracted a horrible cough and sinus infection which put me in bed for several days.  It took several weeks to recover from that experience.



As soon as we returned home, my youngest son, was due to move out of our house and into his own apartment. Although Feeling under the weather, my husband and I both assisted in this undertaking.  It was major, with many complications and taking much longer than expected to get it all done.


Hurricane Matthew – Category 4 Hurricane – October, 2016 (Florida)


At this time, I am exhausted but things seem to be getting back to normal….when before we could turn around, BAM! We are under a Hurricane Matthew warning.  It is headed right for us as we are just 30 miles due southwest of Daytona Beach, Florida.

We had to prepare…rushing around to secure the house and yard. It took several days of relentless work! As this category 4 hurricane approached, we in turn, became more nervous and decided it was best to go stay with my son at his new apartment that was new and built strong with underground electrical.

He only has a one bedroom, so our quarters were cramped as my husband and I tried to sleep on the couch…no sleep! We ultimately lost power in both locations…a very miserable time but we were thankful we were safe.


We came home to a mess! No power which lasted for 5 days! The cleanup was massive….but we were very grateful for very little damage to the house and trees.


Finally, I was able to again pick up a paintbrush and get back to my art. Good things happened! My son was hired permanently to a wonderfully secure job as a Web Developer at AAA!

He, therefore, commissioned me to do a portrait of his favorite bird, the Kiwi bird from New Zealand! He felt bad for all that I had been through…missing my art and losing several commissions in the process.

I am very grateful for his concern. Here is the finished Kiwi piece! I am so happy to be back to normal and back to doing what I love!


I understand that these were extreme conditions that prevented me to continue my artist work…I am sure there are many good reasons for not doing what we love.

Have you ever been put in situations where you could not work on your art? I would love to hear comments on this subject from my fellow artist.

Please comment at the bottom of this page in the Disqus comment thread. Have an artful day!!



  • Carol Davis

    Well Fay, it has not been a barrel of laughs… but can tell us about it ,! It was hellish….very happy you regained your footting and can again enjoy life with all of it’s surprises and abundances!!! Big hug to you and happy you are okay! 🤗

    • FayBecca

      Thank you Carole for your kind words! I was temporarily thrown off course but am now gaining my footing! Thank you again for being a sweet friend.💕

  • Martin Pickles

    Wow , you’ve been through the mill.
    I hope you don’t have anything else kicking off.

    • Fay Becca

      Thank you for your comment Martin. Yes…it was definitely an experience but am happy to report that a normal calm has once again surrounded me. Life is an adventure!