Painting History!


My childhood boat – “The Lil’ Mac”

Memories of my Childhood

Oh what sweet memories!! When I was about 12, we lived on the water (the sound) in Northwest Florida. I had a wonderful youth growing up on the water and experiencing all the activities associated with being near and on the water.

Having a little Jon boat was one of those enduring experiences that I will never forget. Adolescence is hard for most children, but for me it was liberating, knowing that I could take my boat (that was equipped with a small motor) and cruise up and down the sound and visit my friends, go fishing, and visit the the island where we could walk to the beach. What a lovely time and such wonderful adventures.

Painting my Past

This is a painting rendition of my little boat, which I named the “Lil Mac”! My maiden name is McDonald.  I remember it being green but added color for interest in the painting. We had to pull the boat up on the beach when the tides would come in to keep it safe.  This is the way it would look perched on the sand as the fun day would come to an end.

Thank you for viewing and taking this little journey down memory lane with me. Have a wonderful week!