Holiday Rush!!

Are you feeling the crunch artists? The lack of enough time? What more can you do?? Well, I know I certainly am! Paintings take time!

My Christmas card for 2015!

My Christmas card for 2015!

Unfortunately, it is that time of year where we find out if we are super human or NOT! Why does everyone wait until the last minute? As one of fellow artist friend put it, “Do our customers think we are a printer?” I know that you, as well as myself, deal with this issue during the Christmas holidays especially.

Is there an answer?

I don’t really know the answer to this delima as every year I try different strategies to get customers to plan sooner. I have explained that the sooner they get their order in, the more quality time I have to make sure their painting is done to the best of my ability. After pondering the situation quit a bit, I think I am making progress and have come up with a new strategy that might work this year.

My Holiday strategy!

  • I will decide how many pet portraits and/or paintings I can possibly take on in 2016. For example: 2 per month would equal 24 spots. Once these are filled I will have to tell potential clients that they will be next in line and a Gift Certicate for Christmas will be issued.
  • Stick to my cut-off date for Christmas….and really mean it!

With the above approach, I am hopeful for a less stressful holiday season in 2016.  I will let you in on how well it turned out!  What are your strategies for remaining sane during this time of year? I would love to hear a “squawk back” in the comments below. Until then “Paint on” my friends! Eleven days and counting! Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

  • Stephen Turnor

    Being a fellow artist of 3 decades, I face this same problem annually. 12 months, 365 days in a year, and 2 weeks before Christmas, people seem to think we are Magicians, not Artist !

    Those that plan ahead, do this with all aspects of their lives. they plan ahead for today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, some make 5, and 10 year plans. then, you have the “Last Minute Club”. The people that never think, or plan ahead. the LMC’s leave things until it is almost to late, or is too late. Then the LMC’s expect a Artist to pull off Magic at the Last minute. If I had those sort of powers, you would all be bowing to me a World Ruler, lol. If Artist actually agreed to a last minute commission, it would be terrible at best. In a pinch for time, working under stress is the worst way for an artist to produce decent works of Art. Artist know this and will refuse to jeopardise their name and years of work to make a few $.

    There are always going to be the LMC’c regardless of what an Artist tries, or actions the take to avoid this.

    Bottom line – Think and Plan ahead people, your Artist is not a Printer!

  • FayBecca

    Very valid points Stephen and one we all have to deal with each year! Thank you to those who plan a head and the ones who don’t…well better start looking for the last minute gift!