Curious Fox Terrier

Katie goes fishing….

I had a wonderful time on vacation with my sister and brother at the beach.  My sister has the most adorable Fox Terrier that I had such a wonderful time playing with while at the beach.  Her name is Katie and my sister loves to take her everywhere we go…..such a sweet dog and, fortunately, we were in a very dog friendly place.

Katie Fox Terrier_4

Meet Katie!

One afternoon we stopped to get coffee where there was this really great fish pond….well as you can see Katie was just thrilled to see these fish at eye level.  We had so much fun watching her with those fish….I took lots of great pictures.  My sister had really wanted for me to do a pet portrait of Katie, but we could just not get a great picture of her.  Fox Terriers have a long snout which is indicative to this breed.  Fox Terriers are bred to hunt foxes and put their snout down a fox hole to flush out the fox during a hunt.  Unfortunately, the snout prevents the best look for a pet portrait but instead a profile or catching them with their ears forward makes all the difference in the world.  It took this incident with Katie to get a great picture!  I think this will make a very curious but cute pet portrait of her in her hunting mode.  Enjoy these few shots I was able to get of her having such a good time.

Katie Fox Terrier_2

Katie the Fox Terrier going fishing…..

Katie Fox Terrier_3

Where are you going? Come back!!

Check back with me as I bring Katie to canvas with one of these wonderful poses!  I think I will call it “Katie Goes Fishing”!  What do you think?