Roxy Painting Session 2:

Today I spent time painting a sweet Welch Corgi named Roxy.  Unfortunately, I did not have a photo of my first pet painting session with Roxy.  Therefore, here is the very first drawing of this darling dog.  As the case may be, most of the dogs that I paint, are no longer with us and have crossed over the “Rainbow Bridge”. I am so fortunate that I get the priviledge of painting a client’s dog that is no longer with them.  I feel a deep obligation in trying to capture the essence of the dog’s spirit, so that it will continue to be a beautiful tribute to the dog’s family forever.  I do not take this task lightly.

Roxy drawing

It all starts with a drawing or a light sketch. I then paint the values to start.

So today was my second session with Roxy and I made a lot of progress.  Below is the result of my painting work.  Now it is time to let the pet portrait dry where I can observe it and make sure that I have put in all the values, including the light source, before I continue to put detail on the painting.

Roxy Session 2

Session 2: Roxy painting

At this point, I usually place the painting on my easel and let the paint dry for several days and study him thoroughly.  It is always a good idea to walk away from a painting to get perspective on your work.  I will study the light source along with the colors of the dog.  I will probably need only one more painting session with this dog.  Each session amounts to approximately 3-4 hours.  With oil, painting wet-on-wet is difficult as the paint begins to get muddy and white is no longer white.  Consequently, it just depends on how much can be done without that happening.

Please continue to stay with me to watch this painting come to life.  Until then thank you for your interest…