Check out this Sheltie!

Barkley Painting Session 3:

Today, I had the opportunity to continue painting Barkley, this beautiful Sheltie.  The picture that I am using as my reference photo is in black and white and this has created a challenge for me.  I also have a few color photos but they have very low resolution. Unfortunately, this sweet dog is no longer with us…therefore, with the photos I do have I had to use some creative license on determining the fur coloring.  Please view the painting sessions of Barkley by clicking here.  After today and letting him dry, I will need at least two more painting sessions with him to bring out the great detail on this dog.  Stay with me as I continue putting the finishing touches on this lovely dog portrait.  Below is a quick recap of the process to date:

Barkley session 1

Painting Session #1: Sketching and putting the undercoat color values down.

Barkley Session 2

Painting Session #2: Continue putting down mid-tone values and creating some detail.

Barkley Session 3

Painting Session #3: Started painting some detail with eyes and shadows. Created a light source. Barkely is coming along…..