The Art of the Cat

I have started on yet another pet portrait…this time it is the cat that takes center stage!  Meet Kodi, a black cat with a white mustache and white bib.  He is a beautiful cat! For some reason, when painting on smaller canvases, it is so much harder than doing larger ones.  I don’t do many small paintings so I am feeling my way with this one. I have had a time with this cat…I think maybe it is because I don’t paint them very often.  My client wants pet portraits of both of her cats.  This is the first one I have done and she also wanted them painted on  a small 5″ round canvas which will then hang with ribbon on the wall.  Needless to say, I have procrastinated painting these felines.  Today was my third day working on Kodi with many attempts to capture this gorgeous cat…with mesmerizing blue/green eyes.   Take a look at the original photo of Kodi…

Kodi cat

Kodi Cat Original Photo


Kodi original 2

Kodi Cat full photograph

This is where I ended up on day 3!  I think it is definitely a work in progress…maybe one more day.

Kodi painting

Kodi painting on 5″ round canvas