Art Brushes for Painting Fur

A variety of artist paint brushes can be used with acrylics and your choice will depend on the techniques that you are employing.  For today’s purposes, I am going to give you my secret about the paint brushes that have helped me achieve the best fur on my animals….especially my dogs and cats.  These paint brushes are made by different companies and to me the brand does not necessarily make the best brush.

paint brushes_2

There are many types of artist paint brushes

My experience has been with trial and era…experimenting with different styles of brushes to find the best brush for you.  Brushes are a very personal thing….for instance, I am left-handed, therefore, I have found that the short handled brushes work best for me.  It is like trying on pants…they have to fit right for you to wear them…right?  Anyway, back to fur!  Here is a picture of the paint brushes that I use for my fur.  They work brillantly!!!  Once you have used these brushes you will never go back to a fan brush.

Paint brushes

FayBecca’s favorite brushes for fur!

As you can see, these brushes have been loved and very well used.  Sorry….I can not tell you the name brand of the blue tip brushes in the picture as they were very cheap and so the paint chipped off the handles….even so, I LOVE these three brushesArtist Loft makes the two with red handles and they have held up very well…more expensive…but you get what you pay for.  Most importantly, I want you to notice (here is a closer view) is the shape of the brushes…..

paint brushes_3

Look for these jagged bristles for painting fur.

Yes…the bristles are jagged and some are rounded and some are straight!  This is what is so wonderful about these brushes.  When you use this brush you get the very thin lines in the fur that give fur that whispy look.  It takes you do not want to load your brush with lots of paint.  You will also need to thin out your paint so as not to glob it on or you will lose the effect you are trying to achieve.  Practice on paper first to get the feel of the brush.  These paint brushes are best used on your final layers of paint when you are bringing out the detail of the fur.  Also, remember you are bringing the dark to the light with acrylic and oil. Start with the color that the fur is at it’s darkest point and lay that color first bringing aditional strokes of the lighter fur out with each layer.  Helpful?  Please let me know and if you have any further questions on using these brushes or with painting fur, please use my Disqus comment section on my website and shoot me your question….I will get back to you right away.  Ok artist…Paint on!!


I have one last tip for you today and this is an extremely important point when painting with acrylics. NEVER allow the paint to dry in the brushes; if you do, the brush will be ruined. Keep them in water while you are working and at the end of your day, make sure you give your brushes a thorough wash with soap and cold water, making sure that you get all the paint out of the heel, the part where the bristles enter the metal ferrule.

paintbrush care_3

Keep a reminder of this where you can see it!


Thanks for visiting today and I hope this talk about brushes has been helpful.  Check back here every Monday for another great artist tip from “The Artist Squawk”!