imageI Am!

I am often reluctant to enter my art in any type of Art Show because…well…for really no good reason! I guess…just because I have little confidence and a privacy issue. Crazy, I know, but none-the-less, it is the reason I have a hard time showing my work.

My First Art Show!

Well fiddlesticks…it was high time to get over myself and just do it!!! Therefore, my opportunity presented itself. My little hometown of Sanford, Florida makes it very easy to enter artwork in events that are fun and easy to do. We have a monthly Sanford Art Walk that draws crowds to our quaint town for many art enthusiasts. So what better venue for me to step into with my art. Each month the art is represented through a different theme. The August theme was….

imageI had just finished several pieces that I felt related to the theme…what a coincidence. Now I had no excuse!

Big Hat Series - #2

Big Hat Lady – Acrylic on Wood

Cool Kitty - Acrylice on Canvas

Cool Kitty – Acrylice on Canvas

Beached Boat - Mixed-Media on Wood

Beached Boat – Mixed-Media on Wood

Without another thought, I entered my art, putting my fears aside so that I could enjoy the experience. Therefore, my husband and I went to the Art Walk to view all the art and to vote on our favorite….can you guess which artist I voted for?  There were lots of people there and many artist received lots of exposure.  By the way, the art was fantastic and, therefore, in the moment, I had that “lack of confidence” twinge of sickness in my stomach.  Was my art good enough to be there?  We all question ourselves and our abilities.  Well…on Sunday I received the call that my painting “Big Hat Lady” had won “Best in Show” which was the the Judges Choice Award.

Best in Show Award - Art Walk - August 2016

Best in Show Award – Art Walk – August 2016

FayBecca Accepting Award - Art Walk

FayBecca Accepting Award – Art Walk

Was I excited? I about peed in my pants with excitement…literally!!  I was so surprised!  There were only two awards given…“Best in Show”and $100 and “People’s Choice” and $50.  I can’t tell you what a boost in my self-confidence this has now given me to be more open and willing to show my art to the public.

As I mentioned in my previous blog Are you a Comfort Zone Painter, the importance of taking  ourselves out of our comfort zone.  Have you been reluctant to show your art?  I would love to hear your comments and thoughts on this subject.  Also, have you won any awards for your art?  Please use the Disqus comment section on this blog to write your thoughts.  As always, have an artful week and most important have fun creating!