Big Hat Ladies!


I am enjoying a bit of down time from painting my furry friends! In the process I thought I would challenge myself to some art nouveau paintings of women in unusual hats. I was inspired by the late Ann Morely (a.k.a. Frantic) who is one of my favorite Florida artist. The above lady with the black hat is a study I did of her work. In the process, I was inspired to paint a few more of these “Big Hat Ladies”. On my trip to the beach this spring, I saw all kinds of hats that were being worn by ladies and it gave me the idea to make a series of this subject because ladies love their big hats.

Now this is completely stepping away from pet portraits for me and way out of my comfort zone! This article talks about how artist need to stretch themselves to grow as an artist. Fear of failure can even lead to performance avoidance. This article Fails Successfully explains this very well.

I decided to face my fears and avoidance of trying new creations and used my sister as my geanea pig and model for my new big hat piece.

Big hat model - my sister!

Big hat model – my sister!


I think she looks pretty good as a painting. What do you think? Stepping out of your comfort zone as an artist is truly terrifying. People know you as a one genre artist and, fortunately, like your work. Taking a leap of faith to show what other works you can do takes a bit of confidence in knowing that some people will and some people won’t like it.

I believe myself to be an eclectic painter and always looking to push myself as an artist.  Of course, my love of painting pets will always be my comfort zone.  I guess I would like for the world to know that I love all kinds of art and painting many subjects enlightens my skills and also gives me a challenge. I will be doing more in this series of Big Hat Ladies in the future. I hope you will stick around my blog to see my further works.

Do you always paint in your comfort zone? Do you avoid failure? Or do you push yourself to do more and learn new skills? I would love to hear your thoughts on your approach to your art. Please comment in the Disqus section below. Keep painting!!!!