A Day in the Studio!

It is very important to have a color chart mixed from your own paints to use when painting pet portraits. A white dog is not white and a black dog is not black….and when it comes to mixing those other colors of the fur you need the correct color mix.  Many times I have wasted (my time) by not making note of the colors that I needed or had mixed earlier on a previous pet portrait.  So to make my life easier and more enjoyable, I took the time in my studio today for mixing colors and making paint charts of all the paint I own.  What a job!

Example of an oil chart I am painting.

Example of an oil chart I am making. This one is for Yellow mixes.

I know this is tedious work but I will be so happy that I have these color charts in the future.  So many times when painting a pet portrait I have mixed a color that was perfect…used it….but then needed that color again.  It became a problem when I couldn’t remember the combination I used to mix the color.  Very frustrating!

There is always something to do in your art studio that will help to make creating your art easier.  I am always studying other artists and learning how they work in their art studio.  The idea of color charts is not new….but a must for the busy professional artist!