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I am happy to announce that I was chosen for the cover of The New Barker Dog Magazine of Florida! What a special honor! Want to read the full article? It is now on my Blog, click here!

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My two Maltese girls and studio companions, Daisy and Lily! 

Chocolate Lab Tebow

Chocolate Lab Tebow

I just recently finished this beautiful 24×36 portrait of a handsome Chocolate Lab named Tebow who has recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I felt a connection with him as I do with most…but this one was extra special because this portrait represents his actual size. I was most honored! Below is a lovely sentiment from Tebow’s owner:
“You are so talented Fay. When I imagine the tremendous fulfillment you must get every time you paint someone’s pet, it’s easy to understand why you do it. It means so much for a grieving “parent” to have such a beautiful remembrance of their loved one(s). With Tebow hanging in my family room, looking at me all day, always being there, its a very healing experience. I can talk to him and it really feels like he’s right there with me.”  –Todd Johnson
Shakespeare the Beagle

Shakespeare the Beagle

Also, fresh off the easel is Shakespeare, the beloved Beagle! I love to center my portraits around a familiar background that has meaning and reflects a wonderful life with their family. Shakespeare’s portrait was no exception! A background wedding photo brought nostalgic meaning to this portrait scene.

Halo for a Pomeranian

Halo for a Pomeranian

Halo is nothing but a little ball of adorable white fur! This portrait means so much as this is where Halo loves to rest…right on the shoe of his very best 92 year old friend and companion. It does not get much sweeter than this…



One-on-one painting lessons from beginner to intermediate in the comfort of my private art studio! If you are interested in learning to paint but would like a personal individual experience, private weekly lessons, that are given at your own pace, please sign up now! New classes beginning each week. If you live in the Orlando, Florida area and are looking for lessons please contact me at [email protected] or visit this link at Lessons.com


Students receive one-on-one instruction understanding color, technique and composition.

Students receive one-on-one instruction understanding color, technique and composition.

With this seascape, my student is learning Perspective in her composition!

With this seascape, my student is learning Perspective in her composition!

FayBecca Designs: Custom Animal & Organic Artwork

Welcome to FayBeccaDesigns.com!

Florida’s best source for customized  Mixed-Media Artwork and Pet Portraits

Who is the Artist FayBecca?

Hello! I am FayBecca and my passion for art is what has inspired me to pursue and live my dream as a Painter working with all forms of mixed-media, including acrylics, oils and textures.

I have been greatly influenced by my family, especially my mother, who was a successful artist in her own right with her use of oils and her visionary works of art.

Art History: How it all started…

My art journey began later in life after a long career as a teacher. I had always been drawn to art but had put it aside as I taught children the “love of reading” as a Library Media Specialist and raised my own family.

It was the summer of 2008 and when I finally retired that my artistic path finally became a reality and it all started when I picked up that that first paintbrush.

At that moment, “I realized I had found my ultimate passion in life!”

This emotional energy grew and is apparent in all my work. I take pride and enjoyment in what I do, but I am especially proud of my ability to capture the essence of animals and the elements of nature in an alluring and captivating way.

This was the moment FayBecca Designs was born and I have now been painting professionally since 2010.

Recently I have added variety and lots of color to my work and especially to my pet portraits. Take a look at what’s NEW!

Oil and Acrylic Paintings: Highly Acclaimed Pet Portraits

Most known and dear to my heart are my pet portraits, I also do other paintings but my love of animals was where I was drawn and is what first moved me. I pride myself on the ability to capture the essence of our pets through their eyes. Their eyes are the pathways to their soul.

Most of my pet paintings are done through commission from either a photograph or a sketch for reference. Check out my FAQ page for more pet portrait information and for answers to most common questions.

 I can quote your pet portrait today!

FayBecca Paintings

It is not all about animals and pets! I paint many different subjects with a variety of styles and techniques. I guess you could say that I am am an “eclectic painter with a unique since of style!”

My creativeness comes from capturing random glimpses of nature either in the abstract, with a bit of realism in the mix. I am motivated by my love of wild animals, pets, sea life, plants and flowers and just about anything else that catches my enthusiasm and imagination.

Take a look at my paintings and decide for yourself! All art listed “Available” can be purchased through PayPal and can be shipped worldwide.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected] or for a quick response please visit My Contact page to get in touch. Thanks so much!