Fay Becca Designs: Pet & Leaf Art - Sanford, FL

Fay Becca & Daisy

Lovey final portrait

Meet Lovey, this sweet Min Pin, is now finished! Look at that anticipation on his first day at the beach!

Joy Ride painting

“Joy Ride” with Daisy! A whimsical Pet Portrait that portrays this Maltese’s enthusiasm during one of her favorite past-times! Order your PET PORTRAIT today! Check out my new summer prices on my PRICING page! CONTACT ME NOW!

A "Field of Orange Poppies" to begin our summer of foliage and flowers!

A “Field of Orange Poppies” to begin our summer of foliage and flowers!

Planning on an Artful Summer!

Planning on an Artful Summer!


Now offering Art Classes in my New Art Loft! If you live near Orlando, Florida and are interested, please contact me using the CONTACT information form.

FayBecca Designs: Custom Animal & Organic Artwork

Welcome to FayBeccaDesigns.com!

Florida’s best source for customized  Mixed-Media Artwork, Pet Portraits and Leaf Sculptures!  Now taking custom orders!

The Artist: Who is Fay Becca?

I’m FayBecca (also known as Becky) and my love of art is what has inspired me to pursue my passion as a custom Painting Artist and Custom Sculptor.

I work with all forms of mixed-media, including acrylics, oils and sculpturing materials such as clay and mortar.

I was greatly influenced by my late mother, who was a successful artist in her own right with her use of oils and her visionary works of art.

Art History: How it all started…

My art journey began later in life after a long career as a teacher. I have always loved art but had put it aside as I taught children the “love of reading” as a librarian and raised my own family.

In summer of 2008 my artistic passion blossomed into a reality.  It all started with the first touch of the brush to the paint, and then paint to canvas.

At that moment, “I realized I wanted to paint for the rest of my life”.

This emotional energy is apparent in all my work.  I hope to never stop painting, as I take pride and enjoyment in all my artistic endeavors.

Recently I’ve delved into the art of sculpting and painting with oil in order to further capture the beauty of the natural world around us.

Oil and Acrylic Paintings: Highly Acclaimed Pet Portraits

Most known and dear to my heart are my pet portraits, I also do other commissioned art work of any nature.  Check out my art to see a variety of other paintings/subjects I have been commissioned to paint.

Most of my pet paintings and other paintings are done through commission from either a photograph, if you can provide one, or a sketch.

Contact FayBecca: Send me your information and I can quote your painting today!

Size of the finished piece and time frame for completion will be determined up front and before the painting is started.

Hand-crafted: Leaf Sculptures

Every one of my unique leaf sculptures are beautiful and useful in design. These natural works of art are made from real leaves that are collected from all accross the state of Florida.

This means no two leaves are identical. It’s wonderful to create such rare garden art that truly capsulates the essence of Mother Nature.

My creativeness comes from capturing random glimpses of nature and is motivated by my love of wild animals, pets, sea life, plants and flowers. This is how FayBecca Designs was born and you will find that this is how all my work is signed.

Order Now: Custom Pet Portrait or Leaf Sculpture!

I’m now taking orders for custom leaf sculptures!

Please contact me today at:

[email protected] or call (407) 314-6779 if you are interested in purchasing art from this webpage directly.

Please visit “My Contact” page to get in touch. Thanks so much!